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The Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club (ECFC) is an Edmonton and area cat club. We usually host one or two cat events a year, and also participate in other cat-related activities. Our events help to support several rescues, and other organizations. We are affiliated with The International Cat Association (TICA) and our sanctioned TICA cat shows bring in cats of all breeds.

  • What We Do — The club’s mission & activities
  • Our History — A brief recounting of the club’s history


Our current feline members

Please note- these lovely felines are not for sale or adoption as they belong to our members.  If you are looking for a particular breed, we are not a breeder directory, please visit: http://www.tica.org/en/find-a-breeder

Matilda is a blue tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair. Born in Nova Scotia but raised in Alberta, she lives with 2 dogs, a snake and a guinea pig. She is unique in that she is fed a raw meat diet.

Dolly is a tortoiseshell with white or “calico” 1 year old Exotic Shorthair girl. She loves to pose for mommy’s camera, knows she’s pretty, comes to mommy for pets and brushing while purring, follows her to the bathroom always, helping her put on her makeup






Honey is a 2 year old female spayed Chocolate point Ragdoll/Siamese cross. Full of energy, loves to play hard , jumping high in the air to catch a toy mouse. Then snuggles in with her mommy on the couch usually under a blanket.

This handsome dude is Smitty! A rescue polydactyl boy. He is a Ragdoll/Siamese cross approx. 7-10 years old, recently diagnosed with diabetes. A true cuddle bug, his owners sometimes wonder who rescued who?

The Savannahs













The Maine Coons





The British Shorthairs



















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