MEOW MANIA 2016 Sponsors

We would like to thank the following people who helped make MEOW MANIA happen by sponsoring a rescue cat or donating to our auction.

thank-youLiv V. on behalf of her cat Mookie – Rescue Sponsor

Quincy’s Quilting – Rescue Sponsor

Gail Borowski – Rescue Sponsor

Nila Enterprises Pet Care Services – Rescue Sponsor

AAAHT – Rescue Sponsor

Julie Demott – Rescue Sponsor

Sherwood Veterinary Clinic – Rescue  Sponsor

Alana Hemmingway – in memory of Loka – Rescue Sponsor

Robin Campbell – in memory  of  Lucca & Winnie –  Rescue Sponsor

Clara-Jean Smith  of Fifth Avenue  Collections – Rescue  Sponsor

Karen Belanger  of Trupanion – Rescue Sponsor

Emma Thorne – on behalf of Biscuit, Pearl and Nod – Rescue Sponsor

Nicole Hemmingway of Purrs And Waggs – Rescue Sponsor

St. Albert Animal Clinic – Mock Judging Ring Sponsor


Jessica Filmore – Epicure

Catman  Cat Furniture

Variant Edition

Toreador Cats

Nicole Hemmingway – Purrs And Waggs

Nicole Hemmingway – Nila Enterprises Pet Care Services

Alana Hemmingway – Melaleuca

Emma Thorne

Dr. Gayle McDonald – Housecalls for Housecats

Margaret Cauoette

Gail Borowski – Gracie’s Closet

Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club


Pampered Chef Presented by Angela Hick-Ewing

Julie Demott


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