Pet Holiday Hazards

pet-holiday-hazardBe sure you keep your pets safe this Holiday Season.

In addition to this list:

  1. Provide a safe get away. Your house will start to get busy as time ticks down to Christmas and New Years, be sure your kitty has a place they can relax with access to food, water and litter away from the crowd. This lowers your cats stress and anxiety if they start to feel overwhelmed.
  2. Make sure your cat is properly identified; microchip is best. Doors tend to get propped open more for off loading parcels, guests coming and going and it is the perfect opportunity for the scared or curious to take off. If your cat is already microchipped be sure you contact the microchip registry to ensure all your contact information is current.
  3. Have special treats for your pet. Your pet doesn’t have to miss out on the treats but choose one that is safe verses giving food from the table.

Know your cats normal food, water consumption and litter habits. Subtle changes in these can be a sign of stress or that your pet may have gotten into something.

We wish you all a safe and wonderful Holiday Season.

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